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Timucua Reserve Kayak Adventure.

3.5 HOUR GUIDED TOUR | $79 per person

This adventure takes you through the ever changing beauty of Rock Springs Run and what really makes this tour stand out, paddling through uncharted passage ways. If you are looking for a kayak adventure like no other, this is the tour to take.

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Emerald Cut Kayak Adventure.

2 HOUR GUIDED TOUR | $59 per person

Named for its crystal clear waters, the Emerald Cut of Rock Springs Run winds through sections of lush jungle-like nature, breathtaking emerald water and sandy bottom beneath your paddle as you explore this tropical oasis in in the middle of Central Florida.

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Eco River Adventure Shuttle Run.

5 HOUR GUIDED TOUR | $99 per person

An expedition that takes you 8.5 miles downstream deep into the natural world of Rock Springs Run.  Experience the quiet rhythm of the river and an abundant wildlife seeking opportunities along the way.  Once we have reach the end of our journey, the shuttle will take you back to King's Landing.