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The Seasons of the Springs

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and year-round warm weather. One of our favorite things to do here is explore our incredible Florida Springs, but when is the BEST time to do so? Each season brings its own set of challenges and opportunities for kayaking enthusiasts looking to adventure, so take a look at our pros and cons of the different seasons we experience here at King's Landing on Rock Springs Run.

Lets Start with Summer, the most popular time for visitors and ironically the hotest and most humid time on the year. Locals tend to stay indoors when possible to soak in the air conditioning, but when it's time to go outside we head to the nearest water source to cool down. Some choose to explore our beaches, maybe even a swimming pool, but the Springs are by far the best way to escape that dreadful Florida heat. The waters here at King's Landing are a constant 72 degrees which feels simliar to an ice bath in the 100+ degree weather. The best part is that the depth of this Run is perfect for stepping out, wading in the water and hanging out with your friends and family. Our most popular tour during the Summer is our Emerald Cut Kayak Adventure because it allows you to swim in different areas along the Run.

Emerald Cut, Apopka FL

Next up is the oh so wonderful season Fall! Fall in Florida is a great time for kayakers to not only adventure through our clear shallow waters to swim, but also the perfect time to make the adventure 8.5 miles through Wekiva State Park on our Shuttle Run trip. The cooler weather and lower humidity makes this trip much more pleasurable as you are on the water for 4-5 hours and swimming is not recommended on the lower portion of this Run. The changing colors of the trees and foliage provide a beautiful backdrop along your float, and the lack of crowds provide a feeling a true escape. This paddle is a long trip, so be sure to have some experience under your belt before takling it.

Otter Camp, Rock Springs Run

In the winter months, the temperature can drop to the low 50s and there are some evenings that we hit temps below freezing believe it or not. This might not be ideal for some kayakers, but for others the lack of crowds and heat make for the perfect day. One of our favorite things about winter here on Emerald Cut is the early mornings on super cold days. Because the Spring water is always 72 degrees, steam will rise from the river when the tempurates drop. This provides some breathtaking scenery and is for sure one of our favorite ways to start the day!

Bonsai Bend, Third Landing

Spring in Florida is a sight to behold and by far one best times explore the entirety of this Run. As we like to say, the best time to visit the Springs, is in the Spring! The weather is mild, and the water is perfect for kayaking, paddleboarding or canoeing. During this season the lush forest surrounding the river comes back to life and the shades of brown turn to shades of green, the animals flock to recoop from the winter, and the sun warms the air reminding you that Summer is right around the corner.

Emerald Cut, Apopka FL

Florida's seasons offer a unique and exciting experience for kayakers. With each season bringing its own set of challenges and opportunities, there's never a bad time to explore the Sunshine State's many waterways.

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