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Packing Tips for your Kayak Trip

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Whether it is your first time kayaking, first time in Florida, or maybe even your first time setting foot in the outdoors, we have a few tips that are proven to make your experience a great one! These 'pro-moves' have been passed down from generations of Florida locals and have been kept a secret from the public until now.

Tip #1 - Snack Attack

Are you looking to earn the tittle of Mom/Dad of the year? It's simple... pack snacks and make sure the family has food in their bellies before starting on your venture. Kayaking is a water sport and will burn a lot of calories, especially during those hot Summer days, so it is important to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay active and healthy! We have all been there when the 'hangry' strikes, a few granola bars and some waters will ensure that it doesn't.

*If you bring snacks along with you, please be sure to store all of your trash safely and leave no trace. Take all trash and any other trash you may find along the way back with you and dispose of properly. Please help keep Rock Springs Run clean and beautiful for others to enjoy.*

Tip #2 - Dry Storage

No matter how much time you spend on the water there will come a time where you end up in the water... it happens to the best of us! Flipping out of your kayak is feared by many, but in our experience the worst thing to come of it is loosing your phone, wallet and/or keys at the bottom of the river. Save yourself the stress and time of sifting through the riverbed for that handheld computer containing precious photos of your newborn grandbaby. Dry bags come in all shapes and sizes and are worth their weight in gold! Below are a few options that we sell here in our store:

Tip #3 - Dress for the occasion

If there is one thing to remember when going outdoors, it is that function is more important than fashion. Kayaking is a water sport; high heels, designer bags & those fresh new Gucci shades should not be included on your packing list for the trip.

In the Summer, you will want to wear something that you might wear to the beach. By the time your trip is over, you will more than likely be a bit wet. The Summer's here are hot, but the Spring water is always 72 degrees so you will most definitely want to jump in and cool off. A swimsuit, hat and sunglasses are always a great idea. To help protect yourself against the sun we recommend a long-sleeved fishing style shirt. Not only will this help prevent from sunburns, but it will also protect you against any bugs that may be flying around pestering you.

Florida Winter's can have some of the best weather for paddling. Most of our winter days start in the 60's and end in the 80's with the occasional cold fronts rolling through. The mornings are always more chilly than the afternoons so layering is key to staying comfortable. Even if the air temperature is cold, paddling upstream can work up a sweat so you will eventually want to strip the jacket off and put it away for safe keeping. One of the biggest pieces of advice is to bring along a dry bag to store any of the sweaters you may want to keep dry for later.

Preparation is Key

The key to having a good trip anywhere is preparation. Take it from the pros, come prepared, and your kayak trip will for sure be one of the best adventures you'll have here in Florida! If you're visiting Florida and you would like a pro to tag along with you, check out our guided tours. We offer tours for all skill levels! 2 hour quick trips, and 5 hour adventures through Wild Florida!

Book yours here:

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